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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Second Life Haiku Meme Challenge

StrawberrySingh's My Second Life Haiku Meme Challenge

Ok so StrawberrySingh is (along with so many) an amazing photographer in SL with an incredible blog filled with goodies, if you have not yet seen it I encourage you to do so at now one of the goodies you will find is something called the Meme Blog Challenges with new ones every week.

Thou there is many which I may eventually try, for now I decided to try the latest My Second Life Haiku Meme, we are to sum up our SL lives in a single haiku. 

Now I had no idea what a Haiku was thankfully she had that info available which you can find @ What is a Haiku. Now that I know what it is I was still unsure as to how to write one thankfully Strawberry saved the day again with this wonderful little link here: 

After a considerable amount of time I finally came up with mine & here it is:

Peaceful as the rain
Friendly as the morning birds song
Wonder, shop, explore

Not sure if I got it right but that pretty much sums up how I see my SL life *giggles*

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