Welcome to my blog....

~Reason For Your Blog~
 I decided to start a blog as a way of remembering special moments, unique & beautiful places, those historical events, the once in a life-time gatherings or the yearly celebrations & fund raisers that only SL can put on. My log or travelers journal (if you will) of places, experiences & moments in time to maybe return to another day or to remember that which is gone or changed forever.
We all see & experience SL differently, with so many environments to choose from & lifestyles to live no one person can experience it all, but if you are willing to see this incredible world thru my eyes then I invite you to follow this my journal as we discover & enjoy all that we can.

~What Will You Blog~   
I will blog about places I explore & take pictures of, locations I shop, events & sales that I attend, sim's that I fish or train my krafties on, I may also have random posts of fun or interesting moments that I come across.
I will never posts things I do not like or have no interest in, nor will I ever put down a creator, if I have nothing good to say about it I simply will not blog it.
I will always do my best to add location, links & names for what I am wearing, the places I photograph or any sales/events I attend, although I am human & do make mistakes, should I get info wrong or mixed up, or if I left something out please feel free to let me know.
Not ever post will have a list of info on it, as I am not an advertisement, nor do I receive any funds or items for any of this, as stated above this is my journal & I blog for the enjoyment of it.

~How Often Will You Blog/Post~
I will blog/post when I have time as well as whenever ever I have inspiration to do so, this may be daily or weekly depending on the situations I come across. *smiles sweetly*

~About Me~ 
I am fairly simple, enjoying a peaceful & tranquil life, preferring medieval environments thou I do my best to conform to each sim that I explore as to not ruin any RP'ing experiences that I may pass by. I am natural friendly & get along with most, shy, quiet, very independent, I love meeting ppl on my travels but fear my shy & quietness hinder conversations *giggles* but never fear IM'ing me if I am not afk I will happily respond :)
This blog is for my adventures in SL nothing more or less, you will never find my RL or any RL posts that have nothing to do with SL here