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Friday, June 28, 2013

Acrostic Poem Meme

ok so this is really late, been trying to come up with a pic for it but just can't seem to get one, so sorry for the lack of pic. This meme was fun, yet hard especially doing ones own name lol at first I was having issues so I asked a friend of mine to help me, hers is the first one, after several hrs I finally came up with one lol.

My Friends:
D is for dimples when giggles arise
R is the riches that twinkle in eyes
A is for all that she wishes to be
G is for goodness and graciousness that all can see
O is for organizational skills
N neatly refilling her memos and bills
N is for never refusing a freind
A add these together - its you! start to end

My Attempt:
D is for dependable, an always reliable friend
R is for rational, ever logical, thinking things thru
A is for alluring, drawing people in
G is for gentle, a kind & peaceful soul
O is for observant, keenly perceptive
N is for noble, an honorable heart
N is for neat, carefully organized with everything in it's place
A is for accommodating, taking care of other's needs when she can