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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013

The Zany Sorceresses tour Lumenaria with Guard

  Fantasy Faire 2013 was incredible this year with 10 amazing sim's done up in all different fashions, Lumenaria was done up like a medieval village & is where this pic was taking, it was a beautiful place to tour. Thou the Faire was a massive hit all great things must come to an end eventually. Gratefully this amazing event ran an extra day ending on April 29, it was reported that SL residents broke the 8 million linden mark on Sun April 28.
  Elizabeth Tinsley said in her thank you on the Fantasy Faire Main Page, "We are pioneers, and we have done something extraordinary. We are within half a million lindens of being the most successful fund raising event to ever take place within a virtual world." 
  What the SL community & the incredible coordinators of this event have shown is just like the amazing world we choose to be in there is no bounds & no limits, only our imaginations hold us back & when that is released there is nothing we can't accomplish. 
  I would like to say Thank You & Great Job to all the creators who spend so many hrs building & creating the Faire Grounds & all the wonderful items for us shoppers to purchase *smiles sweetly* to all the staff coordinators, DJ's, Hosts everyone who played a role in making this event what it was, for without any of you this event could never have been the incredible success that is was & a huge Thank you to everyone one who supported Relay For Life no matter how small the support was know that it made a difference.

To see more pics that I captured of the Faire Grounds check out my SL Profile

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