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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013 Part 2 Of The Hunt

Fantasy Faire 2013 Treasure Chest Wall

During the Fantasy Faire 2013 you were able to start the Fantasy Faire Hunt Part 1, which took you all over the fairgrounds, it was an awesome way to explore all the different sims. 
Part 2 which was scheduled to start before the faire closed was unfortunately delayed as they worked out things to make it ready for us hero's to continue, as of May 3 after lots of work from teams of Fantasy Faire & MadPea staff it has finally arrived Part 2 of the Fantasy Faire 2013 Hunt. Now my understanding is that you are still able to get & do part 1 but how I am not sure as my sis & I did part 1 during the fair.
Today my sis & I got our part 2 huds & boldly jumped into the next part of the hunt. Now before I go into some non spoiler details let me just say OMG the wait was definitely worth it lol.
To start even before you enter the area you have to get the gate open lol then they added in puzzles, hunts they even send you on a mini grid-wide hunt (which was awesome) all this leads you to the epic battle which was unique in every way, now I do hunts all the time the twisted, medieval hunts etc. & by far this was the most fun I have ever had on a hunt all the different aspects they added to this was incredible, I highly recommend trying this hunt out you will not be disappointed. Though there is a fee of 100L which is donated to Relay For Life the gifts that you receive are worth far beyond that as you can see in the pic the chest wall is huge *giggles*
Should you decide to take on this well worth your time hunt I bid you the best of luck & ultimately the greatest of fun *smiles sweetly*

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