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Saturday, April 27, 2013

TWA 'Metamorphosis' Contest Entry

    TWA (The White Armory) holds photo contests frequently, well I finally got up the nerve to enter one. This contest took place in Sept 2012, unfortunately I for the life of me can't remember how long it ran exactly but I believe it was 2 weeks. The winners are chosen by judges of the white armory & the theme for the contest was Metamorphosis.
    The rules are simple you must be wearing an outfit from The White Armory, 1 entry per person with a request for no alts, pics must be full prem.

    I was overwhelmed to learn I had won 3rd place, with the prize of any 1 gown of my choice I ran off to pick it out...which took forever by the way..they have soo many beautiful gowns that I had a hard time choosing just eventually I did.

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